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Webdesign and Development

The world is moving towards the New Age – The Age of Online Media! Putting up a strong online existence has become essential these days. Since everyone has become aware of the fact that Online Medium is evolving and is highly in demand, establishing one’s business through the internet has become a challenging task. In such a scenario, the first thing that one needs to concentrate on is the DESIGN of their website. Rightly said, “First Impression is the Best Impression”, the very look and design of the site is crucial and plays an important role in bringing in more customers and also to retain them for long!

A website should be simple, clear, user-friendly and attractive! If it’s confusing and complicating, then people who visit it would be put off and may never visit that site again! Thus designing a perfect website to satisfy both the user-business requirements is not an easy task. This is whereMP DESIGN SOFT can help you! Also, it’s not sufficient if we just get our website designed. It must be developed as per the requirements, with suitable technology that would ensure smooth functioning of the site, keeping in mind the factors such as size, applications etc. Our experienced and skilled designers and developers make sure they understand your requirements and will design and develop your dream site with utmost care.

Mp Designsoft is one of the pioneers in All Media responsive webdesign and SEO friendly website development services. we are one of the best webdesign development companies in Coimbatore, India.

For your website to be promoted, we follow four crucial steps: Search Engine Listing. Search Engine Optimization. Using these techniques will increases page rank ( PR ), Search engine Ranking ( SERP ) & backlinks in Google will create maximum possible traffic on your website, which will eventually increase the number of potential customers for you. This helps you gain local as well as International Exposure. We guarantee you increased revenue and website popularity when you choose from one of our standard Web Promotion Packages.

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Graphic Design

We are pioneers in designing services with over 7 years of experience in this domain. We offer quality designing & Printing solutions at an affordable price with unmatched creative content. Our solutions include Logo Design, Online Brochure Design, Brochure Design & Printing, Business Card Design & Printing, Flyer Design & Printing, Letter Pad, Envelop Cover Design & Printing, Photo Album Design & Printing, Facebook – Business Page & Cover & Product Design (All social Media)

Our design process begins with the consultation of the idea, discussion of potential concepts and drafting different trials and finally creating the design with our team.

Having provided our services to a host of clients who are satisfied with the quality of our work in the designing category, we take the utmost care to promote excellence in our work. This helps us to provide the best service in this industry. Every project is undertaken carefully analyzed to create unique designing while still highlighting the message of the company. A list of package designs is available with us, each of them customizable to the client's requirements. Working closely with our clients on all aspects of the project lets us create a positive relationship. Our professional designers aim to ensure the designs exceed the expectations of our clients.


With the evolution of computer and existence of business through online; developing software to carry out multiple tasks is become mandatory. It makes convoluted tasks simple. Unlike manual work, its error free and rapid; it enables people to multi-task!

When there are already innumerable softwares available in the market, one may wonder why to develop them through someone? Well, the answer is simple. The ones available in the market are generalized; they may or may not satisfy particular interests to the fullest level. But creating software through someone like Design Soft will give you the advantage of developing specific, custom-made softwares that are specially made only for you, keeping in mind all your requirements.

Software Development is done in a systematic way by experienced and well qualified technocrats. Development work is not easy but our Software Development firm has professionals who work in such a way that they are able to achieve their targets well within time. Quality work is evident by the satisfied clients, repeat orders and our reference to others.

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It is definitely not enough if we roughly make an online presence. In this highly competitive market, we need to fight for our name and space and establishing one’s business by competing several other challengers is a huge responsible task! SEO brings about this difference.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, they are the ways and means by which a website is made to rank on the first page of a search engine while its relevant product or service is searched for! There are various components that are done on the site and for it to make it rank No.1 The ones that are done directly on the website are termed as On Page Optimization. It is all about optimizing a site directly. Having proper content, keywords, headings, tags and site architecture is vital in carrying out On Page Optimization effectively. A few examples of them are Keyword Analysis and Pooling, Content Optimization, Image Optimization & Tags, Internal & External Links, URL Optimization, Site Architecture etc.

Off-Page Optimization, as the name suggests, it’s the optimization techniques that’s done off your site, but it contributes much in increasing the traffic for the mother site and helps in ranking it on top! Some of the most effective Off-Page Optimization techniques are, Directory Submission, Blog Posting, Video Submission, Social Media Optimization etc.

Our search engine optimization services start from analyzing your industry, taking care of your optimization needs and finally to monitor the ROI. Design Soft is committed to deliver professional and ethical SEO services to its clients.

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Web Hosting

Mp Designsoft have Structured a Supreme performance, Supreme availability web hosting platform, providing a responsive, provide a Career Quality web hosting environment, with Supreme reliability, Will get and connectivity to your business requirements.

Mp designsoft Concession all Staple level domains and over 25 country code top level domains. Every domain registration includes the following domain tools – URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding, DNS Management, Transfer lock. All backed by the best 24x7x365 service and support in the industry. Customer service allows you to get in touch with us whenever you need to, No matter how small or large the issues… We are always here for you.

Mp Designsoft use Supreme performance Several-processor, Several-core Oracle servers, featuring, redundant power supplies, disks and network interfaces.

Mp Designsoft’s web servers are backed up across our state of the art Storage Area Network. This is replicated across two geographically diverse, supreme availability data centres Single interlocked by dual path optical fibre links.

The naturally we provide both Windows and Linux environments. However please note that we do not provide services for the Growth or Care of the web site content.


For small Businesses Web Hosting – Static:

Is the entry stage l product, suitable for the basic web hosting requirements of For small Businesses – HTML and ‘static’ files such as JPEG, PDF, Image, etc… Designed for simple web sites with Mild traffic volumes, this service includes 100 MB of storage and 500 MB of served traffic per year. All data is backed up on a 24 hour’s cycle, and while it is in a Supreme availability environment, Applies to any service stage agreement.

Business Web Hosting – Dynamic:

Is the Intermittent product, supporting a more Modern web site with dynamic content. This is an appropriate choice for many Middle commercial web sites, with condescending inclusions of 500 MB of storage and 5 GB of served traffic per year. All data is backed up on a 24 hour’s cycle, our Availability ‘Platinum’ Service Level Agreement applies.

Business Web Hosting – Database:

Is the Supreme-end product, supporting web sites with a database. Providing a considerable 1GB of storage and 10 GB of served traffic per year, the Database plan addresses your more demanding hosting requirements. In addition to the features of the Dynamic plan, the Database plan also includes support for a MySQL or MS-SQL database. All data is backed up on a 12 or 24 hour cycle, our Availability ‘Platinum’ Service Level Agreement applies.


Automatic Data Backup:

Client’s web site data will be backed up to our secure off-site archive facility at usual intervals, with the interval (12 or 24 hours) dependent the selected plan.

Creation log Files

Log files are available for download on all plans except ‘Static’, and contain a maximum of 30 days data / 100 MB. The most recent log file is not included in the data storage allocation.


Redirect services are other function of the Mp Designsoft Business Web Hosting platform (additional charges apply). Put Just, the Redirect service is used to immediately ‘redirect’ any web requests to a Specific domain name, to a specific part of any other web site. This is mainly used for marketing purposes – to launch a new product with its own domain name, but leveraging your existing web site development.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Is a protocol for Conductive private Info across the Internet, using a web browser client. All Internet browsers support SSL, and many Web sites use the protocol whenever Covert user information – such as credit card numbers – is required. By Conference, URLs that require an SSL Tag start with https instead of http.

SSL can be fully Backing on web sites that are hosted on the Mp Designsoft Business Web Hosting platform, and Mp Designsoft provide SSL Certificates for this purpose (additional charges apply). Please note that for technical reasons, Mp Designsoft will also need to be providing the DNS Management service for the web site’s domain name.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a Pooled term for the Destinations, Scalable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert consumers. The key objective is to promote brands, Develop Specifications and increase sales through various forms of digital media and tools. It is studded by an elaborate selection of service, product and brand marketing Strategies.

Digital marketing concepts and practice are Changing Incredible among several industries, especially by the leading companies among each industry utilizing the mass reach of digital tools and social media platforms, benefiting from the possibility to create individually tailored approach that can achieved at a very productive cost.

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  • Getting started
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  • Conclusion
Digital marketing includes: Internet marketing techniques (IMT) Search engine optimization (SEO) Search engine marketing (SEM) Mobile phones (SMS and MMS) E-mail direct marketing Online advertising Social media marketing (Face book & Twitter & LinkedIn & Google+)

2D Animations


Mp Designsoft is a professional, creative, and cost-effective flash animation design company in Coimbatore, India. which understands your specific business requirements. Our highly experienced and creative flash professionals design the flash animation which is specifically suitable for your business model.

Designed as powerful industrial-strength solution for creating Image Quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork. It eliminates the need to create animation frame-by frame, allowing you to produce 2D animation of a higher quality with fewer people and resources

Here is the list of Flash Services

  Flash Presentation
  Flash Intro
  Flash Banner Design
  Flash Header and Menus
  Full Flash Website
  Flip Book
  School Animated Books

Our flash designs are significantly attractive to captivate your website visitors with eye catching flash animations and special effects. The right amount of animation will attract your customer to navigate your online as well as offline resources and information. Flash animation is increasingly being used to improve the impact and visual appeal of websites which enables enhanced user interaction.

Mobile Apps

There are more than 1.2 Million Android Apps available in Google Play and close to 30 Thousand Apps added every month. With Android emerging as market leaders in mobile platform, it becomes necessary to have your App in Android. The hardware which runs Android are also available in wide ranges which makes them a most viable platform to use for your startup ideas or for your business.

Android is a preferred platform for major business houses because of the availability of cheap devices and the easy way to push apps into devices. Many restaurants, retails outlets, factories, warehouses, hospitals etc..

The Android platform is the product led by Google and developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of many software, hardware and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing standards for mobile devices. There are a large community of developers writing applications in customised versions of Java that extend the functionality of the devices. Google play, formerly known as Android market is the online store from where Android applications are browsed and downloaded using their respective device ‘Market’. Initially, they deployment target was the mobile phone arena while its full potential extends beyond just that.

The platform to publicize, sell and distribute Android applications to users around the world is Google Play. This is done in simple steps – Register, configure, upload and publish. The Google play Android developer Console is the interface to configure and publish once the developer registration process is complete.