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Aiswarya Textiles, over two decades, we have endeavoured and established a presence that transcends geographical boundaries through the export of knitted apparels and its manufacturing. Our organization was set-up with an Insightful knowledge in industry, trends, technology and applications to deliver unparalleled quality of products for our clients.

As an integrated knitwear garment manufacturing company specialized in knitwear production Aiswarya Textiles pursue an aggressive, high quality products, highly innovative machinaries, professionaly skilled manpower and ethical practices in every season thus insuring its future as a leader in the knitwear products.

Every product or any product from us should be packed with passion, trend and quality to overmatch our clients need. We always identify the technology, tools and methodologies, which are most appropriate to satisfy our buyer requirements. We work closely with our clients to design proofs and samples for conformance with requirements.

As a responsible export house, we are the most committed one to create pollution-free and eco friendly products. We always provide a safe and healthy working environment for our human resources and our commitment to exceed our future business commitments and for human welfare through focused, broad-based activities like Conservation of resources, Prevention of pollution, Adherence to all applicable legislations, Eliminating accidents, occupational illnesses and injuries at work, Waste management and Water management.

By reinterpreting the iconic elements of business deals, we make Win-Win deal with our clients. So we never have a separate mission, apart from our clients one. We don’t care about whoever our clients may be, but we always keepthemselves as our co driver instead of mere passenger. Perhaps clients may not always right, there we’re to assist to attain their exact needs, since not everyone is an artistic, but be your own design critic!

Our Management team has perfect blend of experience, educated, young and dynamic characters, so we’re always aware of what we are passionate about and what drives the economic engine, this is the only reason behind our absolute distinct strategies, intention and plan. Reporting in-time and working close with our clients are the Real outcome of our well evolved systems.

“We have advanced knitting, eco-friendly dyeing, printing, embroiding, cutting, sewing and packing facilities to make conformance with requirements of our clients”

Our integrated infrastructural set-up goes a long way in ensuring streamlined production processes. Uninterrupted power supply takes care of an optimized level of productivity. Thanks to a well-designed shop floor with modern facilities, hi-tech imported machinery and automated methods,

we are able to produce quality output consistently. With over two decades of experience in the garment industry, Aiswarya Textiles is a fully integrated manufacturing unit. With an acute understanding in ‘change is the constant factor’, we never failed to track and attain the latest technologies in the art of apparel manufacturing.


Aiswarya Textiles has very strong and efficient Quality Controlling team in all the departments who make sure the products quality is according to the customer's requirement. We have a central QA team who assist the factory QA team in every aspects of quality controlling. All the QA stuffs make sure that they fully understand the quality requirement of each and every operation and then only factory goes into bulk production.

Moreover,1. Sample Procedure 2. Measurement Method 3. Shade Checking Method 4. Light Box 5. Fabric Inspection 6. Fabric Storage 7. Fabric Shrinkage 8. Accessories 9. Production 10. Trial cutting 11. Spreading and Cutting 12. Stitching 13. Thread Cutting /Trimming 14. Needle Detection 15. Internal Inspections are some of the very few quality assurance hirarchy which we follow inhouse.


Sustainability is most often associated with being Green. Sustainability, to us, is a fundamental component that sets the basic premise of our business operations and guides us towards achieving our long-term business objectives. Our present and future business priorities are essentially grounded in our sustainability initiatives towards core business operations as well as in environmental and social issues.

The entire chemical and water waste generated at the Station is channeled through the CETP before releasing them to the environment. The treatment is done as standard environmental regulatory requirements with existing zero-discharge facility.


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