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Dedicated Account Manager

If your requirements are very frequent, and if you don't have enough time to access online files or the files which you have with our relation, or you want to speak or meet immediately to us, then we are there with our Dedicated account Managers. Our Account managers serve as the interface between the manufacturing/designing team of The Identique and the customer's point of contact, to create long term relationships and frequent needs of services for the customers. Moreover, our account manager serves to better understand the customer's demands, plan how to meet these demands.



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  • Corporate Packages
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Garment Branding
  • Uniform Management
  • Production, Storage & Supply
  • Garment Branding
  • Uniform
  • Coveralls
  • Safety Wear
  • School Uniform
  • Performance wear
  • Industrial Uniform
  • Doctor wear
  • Clothing
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  • Denims
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