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Brochures can be a hugely potent marketing tool and almost every business uses one. They are regularly used to pinnacle a company’s benefits, products and services for a customer. They can be used in a different of marketing capacities. They can be sent out to targeted customers with a business card included, sales people can bring them with to a meeting with a new future, or they could be a good marketing material to bring to trade shows for B2B marketing. Brochures can help a client to see your company’s full probable.

Brochures are now available in electronic format and are called is e-brochures. They have the added benefit of having unlimited distribution and cost savings when compared to traditional paper brochures.

Here is a list of examples for some different ways you can utilize company brochures:

Direct-mail: Send e-mail to the customer

Sales support: They act as an assistant for in-person sales force

Inquiry response brochures: They are sent once a customer has already contacted you to request more information

Leave-behind brochures: They are meant to be left behind after a sale pitch

Point-of-sale brochure: Left in racks, on counters, or any place else a potential customer could pick one up

Recent Brochure Designs

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2-Fold Brochure Solar Products
2-Fold Brochure Car Decorators
2-Fold Brochure Cake Shop
2-Fold Brochure Dental Expo
2-Fold Brochure Electrical & Electronics